Meet VIReC: The Researcher’s Guide to VA Data

Time:  1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET

Series:  VIReC Database and Methods Seminar

Speaker: Maria Souden, MSI, PhD

Description:  The VA Information Resource Center (VIReC) is an HSR&D funded resource for navigating VA’s complex data environment. VA clinical care and operations, data stewards, and program offices make numerous data sources available for use in research, quality improvement, and evaluation projects. It can be challenging to know what data are available, the process for accessing these data, and to comprehend the context and considerations for effective analyses. VIReC meets this challenge by developing and disseminating an array of resources for understanding and working with VA data as well as advocating for data user needs.

This session provides an overview of VIReC activities, products, and services along with a tour of the Center’s websites and online resources. For a more comprehensive review of VA data and its use, we recommend attending VIReC’s upcoming Database & Methods cyberseminars: ‘Navigating VA Data Sources: An Overview of Commonly Used Databases’ and ‘Navigating VA Data Access: An Overview of the Process for Requesting Permission to Use VA Data’ .

By the end of this session, users should be able to:
1. Describe VIReC activities and value to the research & quality improvement communities.
2. Understand VIReC resources and their use in supporting work with VA data.
3. Navigate VIReC’s web environments and locate VIReC resources online.
4. Know where to go for additional questions and customer service.
5. Learn how to provide feedback and collaborate with VIReC on data resources.

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