Biostatistics and Study Design Workgroup


Biostatistics and Study Design Workgroup Membership


Dziura, JamesKyriakides, Tassos

Core Members:

Geda, Mary

Peduzzi, Peter (?)

DoD Affiliate Conroy, Jennie L.
DoD Affiliate Campbell-Rosen, Holly
NIH Affiliate Clark, David
NIH Affiliate Yu, Quilu


Demonstration Project Membership:
Project ID Name Role
11 – Hastings/George Coffman, Cynthia J. Biostatistician
12 – Seal/Becker Bertenthal, Daniel Biostatistician
12 – Seal/Becker Borsari, Brian E. Co-Investigator
12 – Seal/Becker Li, Yongmei Biostatistician
12 – Seal/Becker Nugent, Sean M. External Advisor
12 – Seal/Becker Roca, Henri J. Co-Investigator
13 – Goertz Long, Cynthia R. Biostatistician
14 – Fritz/Rhon Greene, Tom H. Biostatistician
15 – Heapy Buta, Eugenia Biostatistician
16 – Rosen/Martino Black, Anne C. Co-Investigator/Biostatistician
16 – Rosen/Martino Lazar, Christina M. Project Manager/Research Coordinator
17 – Taylor/Zeliadt Zeliadt, Steve Principal Investigator
17- Taylor/Zeliadt Scott Coggeshall Biostatistician
18- Goodie/McGeary Hale, Willie Biostatistician
19 – Burgess Taylor, Brent C. Principal Investigator
21- Dearth/Farrohki Patterson, Charity  Co-Investigator/Biostatistician

Workgroup Co-Chairs – Qualifications and Experience

James Dziura, MPH, PhD is Professor in Emergency Medicine and Biostatistics, Deputy Director of Yale Center for Analytic Science (YCAS) and Co-Director for the Biostatistics and Study Design Core for YCCI.  Dr. Dziura has led statistical and data coordinating efforts for numerous clinical trials and observational studies including 5 multi-center trials from the Research Unit on Pediatric Psychopharmacology (RUPP) and Research Unit on Behavioral Interventions (RUBI) Autism networks and the Behavioral Sciences Consortium for Tourette Syndrome.  He has served as the lead statistician for trials of surgical, behavioral/lifestyle (VA-WVCS) and pharmaceutical interventions.  He actively participates in governance committees including steering committee for ABC-CT and operations committee for RUBI.  He has served on/chaired several industry and NIH Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs), including the DAIDS Therapeutics central DSMB.  Importantly, he is one of the lead statisticians on the cluster randomized STRIDE trial and serves as the unblinded statistician for reporting to the DSMB.

Tassos Kyriakides, PhD is the Acting Deputy Director, VA Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center (CSPCC) and Associate Research Scientist in Biostatistics and Yale Center for Analytic Science (YCAS) faculty member.  He has dual appointment with VA and Yale and is the link between VA CSPCC and YCAS.  His expertise is in the design, conduct and analysis of pragmatic trials particularly in infectious disease, surgery, screening for colon cancer and PTSD; in addition, he has worked in developing and implementing risk-based monitoring plans for multi-site pragmatic trials.  He has worked on numerous U.S> and international clinical trials and has served on Data Monitoring, Trial Steering and Management Committees.  He provides his expertise as a statistical consultant/analyst on numerous research protocols, has been an abstract mentor for young researchers at the International AIDS Conferences since 2012, leads the VA CSPCC internship program, has served on clinical trial scientific evaluation committees (U.S. and Canada) and is a statistical reviewer for high-impact journals (Lancet Infectious Disease and the Lance Gastroenterology & Hepatology).

Workgroup Goals

  • Provide guidance on methodological standards in the design and implementation of non-pharmacologic pragmatic trials of pain management.
  • Collaborate with demonstration projects during planning and execution phases to ensure efficient and robust study design and analysis plans.
  • Review proposed data processes to ensure that collection of all required individual-level data is feasible and well described.
  • Work with collaborators, investigators and academic institutions to collate and disseminate statistical and methodological issues arising from review of the demonstration projects.
  • Facilitate methodological work in response to issues identified through demonstration project review.