Work Group Co-chairs Project Manager Meeting Time and Frequency
Biostatistics and Study Design  Jim Dziura
Tassos Kyriakides
Mary Geda Monthly
2nd Monday
12:00 pm EST
Data Sharing Joe Erdos
Mike Raffanello
Norman Silliker Bi-monthly on the odd numbered month
3rd Thursday
12:00 pm EST
Electronic Health Record (EHR)  Joe Erdos
Michael Matheny
Norman Silliker Bi-monthly on even numbered month
2nd Thursday
12:00 pm EST
Ethics and Regulatory Fred Wright
Joe Ali
Amy Burns Monthly
4th Thursday
1:00 pm EST
Implementation Science Jennifer Bell
Amanda Midboe
Lily Katsovich Monthly
2nd Tuesday
2:00 PM EST
Phenotype and Outcomes  Bob Edwards
Steve Luther
Mary Geda Monthly
1st Friday
2:00 PM EST
Stakeholder Engagement Lori Bastian
Steve Cohen
Lily Katsovich Monthly
3rd Wednesday
2:00 PM EST