Prescription Medications

A Q&A on Opioid Disposal in the Media & Alternative Therapies

The proper way to dispose of opioids is often unclear, and often misconstrued by the headlines.  William Becker, M.D. and Benjamin Oldfield, M.D., talk about disposing of prescriptions, the risks of keeping unused opioids at home, and other options for pain management.

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about pain management and the Collaboratory.

Whole Health Circle

The Whole Health Model

The Whole Health model recognizes the patient as a whole person, not just his diagnosis, illnesses, injuries or disabilities, and also examines the effects manifesting throughout the patient’s body, mind, spirit to enhance the person’s life and total well-being.

Non-Opioid Drugs and Pain-Related Function

The SPACE Randomized Clinical Trial, led by Erin Krebs, MD, MS, showed that opioids do not result in better pain-related function or reduced pain intensity when compared to non-opioids. (VA photo by April Eilers)

Podcasts & Videos

PodcastsScroll through more podcasts using arrows to the right. Reaching Veterans with Chronic Pain Voices of VA Research Podcast Series February 2018 Interview with Dr. Steve Martino and Dr. Marc Rosen Summary: In this episode of the Voices of VA Research Podcast Series, Erica Sprey of VA Research Communications speaks with Dr. Steve Martino and Dr. […]