The Six Essential Elements of Good Pain Care

The Six Essential Elements of Good Pain CareAs part of its Whole Health model, the VA has established the following six points for safe and effective pain care: Educate Veterans and FamiliesEducate Veterans/Families to promote self-efficacy and shared decision making; provide access to all relevant resources Educate and Train Team MembersEducate/train all team members to […]


LinksRethinking Clinical Trials:  A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials The Mission of the NIH Collaboratory of Pragmatic Clinical Trials is to “strengthen the national capacity to implement cost-effective large-scale research studies that engage healthcare delivery organizations as research partners.” For more information on this groundbreaking initiative click here: VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) […]

Pain Management and Opioid Safety

Pain Management and Opioid Safety Investigator Insights Podcast Series May 2018 A Talk with Dr. Heather Gilmartin and Dr. Joe Frank Summary: Dr. Heather Gilmartin, nurse scientist at the Denver/Seattle Center of Innovation in Denver, Colorado, talks with her colleague, Dr. Joe Frank, primary care physician at the Denver VA and health services researcher at […]