Supporting Research in Pain Management for Veterans and Military Service Members
Supporting Research in Pain Management for Veterans and Military Service Members

Patient engagement in designing, conducting, and disseminating clinical pain research: IMMPACT recommended considerations

One of the principal objectives of the Pain Management Collaboratory is to foster a patient-centered approach for the management of pain and common co-occurring conditions in Veteran and Military health systems. Consistent with this objective, the Collaboratory has prioritized the engagement of persons representing these communities in the design and conduct of the Collaboratory’s pragmatic clinical trials and in the dissemination and implementation of findings from the studies.

This article, Patient Engagement in Designing, Conducting, and Disseminating Clinical Pain Research: IMMPACT recommended considerations,” articulates the first published recommendations to promote patient engagement for the clinical pain science community. They were developed by an international community of patients, academic scientists, funding agencies, journal editors, and other key partners.

The article emphasizes a paradigm shift in clinical research, particularly in pain studies, towards more inclusive patient involvement. Traditionally, patients were merely subjects in research, but recent trends advocate for their active participation as team members throughout the research lifecycle. This change is driven by the recognition of the unique in sights and value patients add, making research more relevant and practical. Major research funders and regulatory bodies are increasingly mandating such patient involvement. Despite its prevalence in other research fields, patient engagement in pain research is less common. The Pain Management Collaboratory serves as an important model for optimizing patient engagement in clinical pain research.

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