Supporting Research in Pain Management for Veterans and Military Service Members
Supporting Research in Pain Management for Veterans and Military Service Members

Work Groups Provide Expertise & Guidance
for Pragmatic Clinical Trials

PMC Work Groups

The Pain Management Collaboratory Work Groups brings together experts in a wide array of areas, from biostatistics to ethics to data sharing to address the complexities inherent in pragmatic clinical trials, ensure that the pragmatic trials produce reliable and trustworthy data, engage all stakeholders in this collaborative, and more.

Biostatistics and Study Design

Providing guidance and collaboration on the design and implementation of PMC pragmatic trials, the Biostatistics and Study Design Work Group ensures efficient and robust study design and analysis plans.

Implementation Science

The Implementation Science Work Group supports the pragmatic trials in developing and integrating the latest dissemination and implementation methods, as well as practices that facilitate the uptake of evidence-based findings into healthcare settings.

Data Sharing

The Data Sharing Work Group addresses a wide array of issues related to planning, designing and implementing the PMC pragmatic trials, including data and software sharing plans, and the data standards required for study implementation, execution and conduct.

Ethics and Regulatory

The Ethics and Regulatory Work Group identifies areas of ethical and regulatory importance and works with selected pragmatic trial teams to address these complexities within the VA and DoD health care systems.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The goals of the EHR Work Group are to optimize use of existing EHR data, support integration of patient reported data, and to create new data from unstructured text in EHRs using innovative ML and NLP tools.

Partner Engagement

The core objective of the Shareholder Engagement Work Group is to develop respectful and productive partnerships that will maximize our ability to generate trustworthy, internally valid findings.

Phenotypes and Outcomes

The Phenotypes and Outcomes Work Group identifies reliable and clinically meaningful phenotypes among study participants, promotes harmonization of measurement approaches, and provides a forum for analytic, technical, and regulatory issues.

Publications from PMC Work Groups

Work Group Project Managers & Meetings Schedule

Work GroupCo-chairsProject ManagerMeeting Time and Frequency
Biostatistics and Study Design Jim Dziura
Tassos Kyriakides
Mary GedaMonthly
2nd Monday
12:00 pm EST
Data SharingJoe Erdos
Mike Raffanello
Norman SillikerBi-monthly on the odd numbered month
3rd Thursday
12:00 pm EST
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Joe Erdos
Michael Matheny
Norman SillikerBi-monthly on even numbered month
2nd Thursday
12:00 pm EST
Ethics and RegulatoryFred Wright
Joe Ali
Amy BurnsMonthly
4th Thursday
1:00 pm EST
Implementation ScienceJennifer Bell
Amanda Midboe
Lily KatsovichMonthly
2nd Tuesday
2:00 PM EST
Phenotype and Outcomes Bob Edwards
Steve Luther
Mary GedaMonthly
1st Friday
2:00 PM EST
Partner EngagementLori Bastian
Steve Cohen
Lily KatsovichMonthly
3rd Wednesday
2:00 PM EST