Pain Consortium Q & A with Dr. Robert Kerns

Bob Kerns, PhD, talks with the NIH Pain Consortium about the NIH-DoD-VA Pain Management Collaboratory (PMC) and the unique opportunities presented by 11 high-impact pragmatic clinical trials focused on incorporating nonpharmacological approaches to managing chronic pain.  “This initiative will represent a major advance in the field of pain and pain management by producing the first ever comprehensive guidance for the conduct of pragmatic clinical trials for nonpharmacological approaches for the management of chronic pain in military and veteran health care settings,” Dr. Kerns said.

In addition to the opportunities and goals set forth by the PMC, Kerns also discusses how studying pain management in the VA or DoD care settings can be translated to care for the civilian population and improve treatment approaches to chronic pain for the millions of people living with it.

Read the Q & A interview here: Q & A with Dr. Robert Kerns | Pain Consortium