The Six Essential Elements of Good Pain Care

As part of it’s Whole Health model, the VA has established the following six points for safe and effective pain care:

  1. Educate Veterans and Families
    Educate Veterans/Families to promote self-efficacy and shared decision making; provide access to all relevant resources
  1. Educate and Train Team Members
    Educate/train all team members to their discipline specific competencies, including team based care
  1. Use Non-Pharmacological Modalities
    Develop and integrate non-pharmacological modalities into care plans, including behavioral medicine and integrative health approaches
  1. Use Tests and Therapies Rationally
    Institute rational medication prescribing, including safe opioid use (universal precautions), and appropriate use of pain procedures and diagnostics
  1. Bring the Team Together
    Implement approaches for bringing the Veteran’s whole team together and facilitating ongoing communication (e.g., virtual pain consulting via SCAN-ECHO, e-consults, tele-health, and teleconsultation)
  1. Use Appropriate Metrics
    Establish metrics to monitor pain care and outcomes at both the individual level and the population level

To access more information about pain management from the VA, click here.