Supporting Research in Pain Management for Veterans and Military Service Members
Supporting Research in Pain Management for Veterans and Military Service Members

Steering Committee

The PMC Steering Committee has been formed to address issues that span all selected pragmatic trials. The Steering Committee provides input in the creation of policies and processes for the PMC, assisting in the dissemination of policies and processes that enable research in VA and DOD health care systems.

Dr. Kerns serves as Chair of the Steering Committee with Drs. Peduzzi and Brandt available to act as Chair on an as needed basis. Additional membership includes the demonstration project Principal Investigators, their respective Program Officer and Project Scientist, Chairs from each of the PMC3 Work Groups, and Program Coordinators from the relevant NIH, DOD, and VA programs in addition to other representatives from these agencies as appropriate. The Steering Committee will hold a monthly teleconference calls, and two in-person meetings during the first year of the Collaboratory, with plans for annual meetings thereafter.


  • Robert Kerns, Ph.D.
    Chair of Steering Committee
    Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, and Psychology at Yale University
    Biography, Research & Publications
  • Cynthia Brandt, M.D., M.P.H.
    Director, The Yale Center for Medical Informatics (YCMI)
    Professor of Emergency Medicine and of Anesthesiology at Yale University
    Biography, Research & Publications
  • Peter Peduzzi, Ph.D.
    Professor of Biostatistics at Yale School of Public Health
    Director, Yale Center for Analytical Sciences (YCAS) and the Yale Data Coordinating Center
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Principal Investigators

First NameLast NameCredentials/Degree(s)AffiliationRole
AliciaHeapyPhDYale University/VAPrincipal Investigator
DianaHigginsPhDVA/Boston UniversityPrincipal Investigator
ChristineGoertzDC, PhDDuke UniversityPrincipal Investigator
Daniel I.RhonDPT, DSCBrooke Army Medical CenterPrincipal Investigator
BrianIlfeldMDUniversity of CaliforniaPrincipal Investigator
Diana J.BurgessPhDVAPrincipal Investigator
Julie M.FritzPhD, PTUniversity of UtahPrincipal Investigator
Karen H.SealMD, MPHVAPrincipal Investigator
Marc I.RosenMDYale University/VAPrincipal Investigator
CynthiaLongPhD, PstatPalmer College of ChiropracticPrincipal Investigator
DonaldMcGearyPhD, ABPPUniversity of Texas Health Sci CtrPrincipal Investigator
Stephanie L.TaylorPhDVAPrincipal Investigator
SteveMartinoPhDYale UniversityPrincipal Investigator
SteveZeliadtPhD, MPHVAPrincipal Investigator
StevenGeorgePT, DPT, FAPTADuke UniversityPrincipal Investigator
Susan N.HastingsMD, MHSDuke UniversityPrincipal Investigator
ShawnFarrokhiPT, DPT, PhDNaval Medical Center San DiegoPrincipal Investigator
William C.BeckerMDYale UniversityPrincipal Investigator
JeffreyGoodiePhD, ABPPUniformed Services University of Health Science (USUHS)Principal Investigator
ChristopherDearthPhDWalter Reed National Military Medical Center Principal Investigator

NIH, DOD, & VA Sponsors and Project Specialists

First NameLast NameCredentials/Degree(s)AffiliationRole
DavidShurtleffPhDNIH/NCCIHDeputy Director
LizGinexiPhDNIH/NCCIHProgram Officer
PeterMurrayPhDNIH/NCCIHProgram Officer
WendyWeberND, PhD, MPHNIH/NCCIHProgram Officer
Karen AnnKehlPhD, RNNIH/NINRProject Scientist
BillElwoodPhDNIH/OBSSRProject Scientist
LisaBeggDr PH, RNNIH/ORWHProject Scientist
DevonOskvigPhDNIH/NIAProject Scientist
Qi-YingLiuMD, M.S.NIH/NIAAAProject Scientist
WillAklinPhDNIH/NIDAProject Scientist
JeremyBrownMDNIH/NINDSProject Scientist
HenryNothnagelPhDDOD/GOR/CDMRPProgram Manager
JamiScheibPhDDOD/CDMRPScience Officer
ClaudioOrtizPhDDOD/CDMRPScience Officer