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Time:  12:00 AM to 1:00 PM ET Series:  Using Data and Information Systems in Partnered Research Speakers: Kara Beck, PhD; Melissa Braganza, MPH; Angela Foster; Karen Jeans, PhD, CCRN, CIP; Amy Kilbourne, PhD, MPH; Mary Klote, MD Description:  This Cyberseminar will provide an in-depth review of non-research, including definition of non-research (i.e., “quality improvement”- QI) in …

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An early challenge was to ensure that PMC researchers across the 11 national, large-scale pain trials did not co-enroll participants in multiple, concurrent pain trials. Learn about the strategies developed to address this challenge.

Time:  2:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET Series: HERC Econometrics with Observational Data Speaker: Laura Graham, PhD Description:  Abstract: This seminar will provide a basic overview of research designs commonly used in econometric and health services research. The presenters will review the design of cross-sectional, cohort, and case-control studies as well as discuss the advantages …

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As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the PMC adapted its research as needed to continue its progress in advancing research on nonpharmacological pain management during this unprecedented disruption in research, healthcare, and everyday routines that affect how people live with pain.

Objectively measuring psychosocial, functional, financial, and lifestyle factors and studying their relationship with outcomes is especially important in studies investigating health conditions, such as pain, that are known to be exacerbated by heightened periods of stress and anxiety – an emotion shared by many during this unprecedented time.

PMC’s Biostatistics/Design Work Group addresses the problem of missing data in pragmatic clinical trials, and offers a survey of methods that some of PMC’s trials are incorporating to prevent missing data.