Research can help find the optimal pathway to limit the negative impacts of pain.

Research & Researchers

Pain is often a complex problem in that everyone experiences it differently.  In western medicine, we have very little pragmatic, clinical research on options for managing it effectively, nonpharmacological or otherwise.   Additionally, the opioid epidemic has shown that pharmacological approaches may have only minimal benefit for the management of pain and the risk of substantial harms. 

Pragmatic Clinical Trials

Studying nonpharmacological approaches for pain management and comorbid conditions in settings serving military personnel, veterans and their families.

Research in Real-World Settings

The trials seek to evaluate the effectiveness of the broad array of nonpharmacological approaches, including psychological, behavioral, exercise, and manual approaches such as chiropractic or acupuncture.
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Work Groups

Serving as a resource for the development and refinement of innovative tools, best practices, and other expertise in the conduct of the PMC's 11 high-impact pragmatic clinical trials

Data Expertise & Best Practices

The work groups provide technical expertise in all aspects of research, supporting the design and execution of high impact Pragmatic Clinical Trials to encourage their success.
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